Monday, May 24, 2010

Day Three Pixie Party

Have you ever watched the Food Network's extreme cake challenges where some esteemed cake decorators create something amazing and then they have to move it to a table about 5 feet away. Sometimes they go crashing to their doom but mostly they make their voyage safe and sound.

Source: /simpCakeAction
I think for the next Extreme Cake episode they should have them transport their cakes about 20 miles and see how it holds up.
Transporting this cake was a nightmare -
I tried to find some pictures so that I could acutely describe the roads MANY twist, turns, and dips, but unfortunately I couldn't. Needless to say I learned some lessons about how NOT to transport a cake and how fragile gum paste grass can be.

So here's the cake before the move- Notice my bad piping skills?
Let the record show that I admitted that flaw on day one-
But I've been practicing....

So aside from the piping I used gum paste to make the grass, mushrooms, and roses. I knew from the moment I received the request that the cake would center around a Tinkerbell figure or candle so my only job really was to create a little grassy knoll in which one would expect to find Tinkerbell. There was a long debate between Bryan and I as to wither or not Tinkerbell would in reality be shorter than the grass but taller than the mushroom....I won because Bryan couldn't remake it himself :)

You can see where the grass broke off in pieces. I did my best to repair all the damage cause by the car ride but all I had was a piping bag with icing. I honestly didn't even think about making a few extra pieces just in case. All and all- Kylie was really happy and that's what makes this all worth while.

A special Thanks to Justin, Crystal and Kylie. Kylie is a perfect model for my cake :)
Happy 3rd Birthday Kylie! We Love You!

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