Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 9 Justin's 21st Birthday

Justin is a close family friend, our children play together, we spend holidays, birthdays, super bowl parties together. So in honor of his 21st Birthday I really wanted to make an amazing cake- I mean your 21st is a big birthday- the final frontier before you start hating the idea that your yet another year older. Being that Justins nickname is Poo ( I don't know why he had the name long before I ever knew him) and because the end of ones 21st birthday one usually ends up kneeling before one- I wanted to make Justin a toilet cake
.................Yep you heard me ( or read rather) that correctly....
.................A toilet cake
....with poo :)

Kinda like this:

From 'The Cake Designers"
But then there was Ed...
.....Ed another family friend whose a long time ( much longer then us anyways) friend of Justin's convinced me that while he( Justin) appreciates my work as an artist he hates fondant. Who was I to question this? I mean Justin and Ed are far closer friends than Justin and I so... I heeded his warning and set out to make a 'Great Tasting cake'

* All of my cakes taste delicious, but in case you don't already know Fondant is sickly sweet and not so great tasting. In my humble opinion the best looking cakes are in fondant and the best tasting are in butter cream*

The cake was a Red Velvet Torte then keeping with my great tasting theme I used my famous creme filling in between each torte. After adding a tablespoon of half&half I whipped the creme filling until light and used it to frost the entire cake. For garnish I sliced up Justin's favorite fruits and layer them on top. Originally I wasn't going to make a topper of any kind because my toppers usually consist of gum paste- but it looked so plain so I eventually added the '21' gum paste topper. I wish then I could have been decisive earlier on because I would have mixed up multiple colors to decorate the gum paste topper with rather then just a gender lending blue

In the end I thought it came out as planned and tasted wonderfully...sadly at Justin's actual party my original plan was reveled and Justin was shocked to know that Ed had talked me out of making what he thought would be an incredibly amazing cake..... Sorry Justin! Maybe next year :(

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