Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 2 Sleepy Sundays

Being that today is Sunday it is officially my day off from...just about everything- since our relationship is relatively new I wanted you to know up front so there was no hard feelings and so that you wouldn't feel like " Already day 2 and Shelby is flaking out!"

Nay, not I. I simply need a day just one day a week for the sake of my sanity to stay in my pajamas just a little bit longer- to watch movies with my husband and color with my children. You understand right?
{ Waiting for approval..yes?}

Brilliant I knew you all would understand.
{ Echos Emptily}
...Yes Brilliant.

A preview of tomorrow you ask? To be perfectly honest I hate surprises so I'll tell you- earlier this month I was privileged enough to be asked to create the newly 4 year old Kylie (a pixie-ish child in her own right) a Tinker Bell cake. I was delighted at the opportunity and I learned some important lessons about winding roads, gum paste grass, and traveling cakes. So tune in tomorrow for a winding misadventure :)

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