Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Cakes and Kids

This July is Hayli's 4th Birthday and she has decided that she'd like a ladybug party ( I love a good themed party) so while doing so research I came across "Cakes and Kids" - Where Fondant meets Fun and instantly I fell in love.

Aren't these Cake toppers adorable!! I could just eat them up ...literally.

Julie is a mother of 3 who like me started out just wanting to make beautiful and unique creations for her own children, friends, and family. While she has had some mild training it would appear that she's mostly self taught and practiced.

Now she writes her own blog where you can view her work, learn some new recipes and some great ideas and tips for working with fondant. Even more exciting is her Etsy store where you can purchase toppers like the ones shown above for a great price ( a dzn lady bug toppers goes for about 9.95) if you buy in bulk she offers discounts AND as an amazing bonus to an already amazing artist is that she also does custom work! Just email her with your party theme and design ideas and she mold you a sample topper and send you pictures FREE OF CHARGE!

Seriously does it get much better!?!?!
Nay- I think not. I urge you to check it out!


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